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Join owoce-warzywa.pl, the first professional Internet portal created for Fresh Produce Industry in Poland. Our goal is to provide necessary information to our foreign clients as well as to these who are planning to set up such a business in Poland.

Our pages will provide you with all information concerning Polish companies, which are importing and exporting fresh fruit and vegetables, about producers and about other companies, which provide service for them.

Moreover, you can find information about sales figures of the biggest Fruit and Vegetables Exchanges in Poland: the Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw (Breslau) and Katowice exchange. The base prices of both imported and domestic fruit and vegetables are also included. All data is updated every day.

You can count on our help with your problems in the HELP cell created for this purpose.

Furthermore, your company data placed in owoce-warzywa.pl will be available for all Polish companies surfing our pages for information.

Additionally, we will provide you with information of transport companies on vacant cold stores in Poland, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands.

Our pages were created to provide our customers with all up-to-date information on the Fresh Produce and distribution market.

We hope that information on Polish market presented on our pages will help to improve our clients' business and will contribute to better understanding of producers and merchandisers' needs.

owoce-warzywa.pl - that's a place you must visit every day !!!